Verizon & Eversource are nearing completion of the make-ready phase (telephone pole and underground preparations for fiber network construction), and we expect to begin building the network in the next few months. The final phase will consist of connecting individual homes to the network.

Residents who sign up for service during the early sign-up/Subsidy Period will be offered a subsidy to cover some, if not all, of the cost to connect their homes to the network. Each will have an opportunity to review how the connection to the house has been designed as well as to learn about all available options and what the estimated cost will be. In most cases, due to the subsidy, there will be no cost to the subscriber for this connection.

Below you will find pricing and general information about the services that will be offered.

For answers to more specific questions check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

The next round of information sessions will be posted to the Upcoming Events page when they are announced.

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  • All equipment and Wi-FI included
  • No contract required
  • No data caps




  • Keep your current phone number
  • Unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada,  and Mexico
  • Call waiting, call blocking, caller ID, and other premium service features

Broadband Activation Fee

There is a $99 activation fee per customer (less a credit of $49 plus a few cents interest for customers who made a deposit with WiredWest in 2015).


Customers who cancel and then reinstate Internet service will incur the activation fee (currently $99) plus the $9 MLP fee for every month that the subscription was inactive.

Digital Phone Installation Fee

There is an installation fee of about $60 for digital phone service.

Drop Subsidy (up to $2000/home)

"Drop" refers to the connection from the fiber network to your home. Customers signing up during the initial sign-up/Subsidy Period will receive a credit which will cover the drop cost for the vast majority of homes in town. 

  •  The physical connection cabling would follow the same route to the premises as existing utilities.

  • Location of interior equipment will be on the same floor as where exterior equipment is installed.

  • Any additional interior wiring will incur an additional expense.

Internet Service Provider

Becket has selected WiredWest as our Internet service provider. WiredWest has engaged Westfield Gas & Electric / Whip City Fiber as the network operator.

Seasonal Customers

Internet service can only be suspended once per 365-day-period, for up to 120 days (see for exact policy language). During this period the subscriber remains responsible for paying the $9 monthly MLP fee but not the $59/$75 monthly Internet service fee.  

Digital Phone Service cannot be suspended; however, the phone number and Telo phone adapter can be taken with you. If you do relocate your Telo, be sure to update your location with Ooma customer support to maintain 911 services.



Bob Gross

MLP Manager

Becket Broadband

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